Online Course on Embracing Nature-Aligned approach to Health & Well-being for Children and Early-Teens

आरोग्यं परमं भाग्यं स्वास्थ्यं सर्वार्थसाधनम्॥

Ārogyaṁ Paramaṁ Bhāgyāṁ Svāsthyaṁ Sarvārthasādhanaṁ

Good Health is the Highest blessing through which all other pursuits are accomplished

Where are we now?

We have experienced the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years! So many people across the world have lost their lives & several others have been grossly impacted physically and mentally. Children are the most vulnerable in these unprecedented times of extreme disruption!

To protect an entire generation from succumbing to the viruses that are here and that are to come we urgently need to focus on the complete well-being of children. 

Where we ought to be?

Can we envision a world where there is no environmental degradation, polarity/discord in thinking and complete freedom from diseases? Or is it just a utopia?

The cause for all these challenges stems from the deterioration of human health. When the health of humans improves, the health of the society and the world at large gets enriched. 

The only way to achieve this is through educating and empowering the next generation to direct their lives to attain holistic well-being.

How does one attain holistic well-being?

We have immensely benefited from modern medicine. There is a 'pill' for a disease we might encounter.

While we continue to work on curing diseases, it becomes crucial to also emphasize on 'maintaining good health and preventing diseases'.

This is where we turn towards Bharatiya wisdom which promotes a self-conscious and nature-aligned approach to health & well-being. Yoga & Ayurveda being the quintessence of this wisdom

So, how do we help?


Online Course on Embracing Nature-Aligned approach to Health & Well-being for Children and Early-Teens

Ārogyam Level I & II is aimed at introducing Yoga & Āyurveda to learners between the ages 10-15

This course aims to imbue young minds with awareness about their body and mind to promote a conscious & holistic life anchored in spirituality. 

Each session will blend Āsana-Prāṇāyāma, Āyurvedic Principles & Reflective Activities.

Prasthana - Level I

In this course, we will introduce young learners to the world-view and key fundamentals of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

Sadhana - Level II

The benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda become available to us only through regular practice. Level II is designed to do just that!

Learners become adept at applying the fundamentals learnt in Level I through the practices given to them in Level II.

What would your child learn?


Learn 'Bharatiya-way' of looking at health and well-being. Connection with Nature & the Universe.


Aware and alert to the modifications in the body and the mind. Develop a keen observation in oneself.


Introduce a daily yoga practice for the child's spiritual unfoldment. A journey of tapping into one's gifts and shedding the limiting tendencies.

Who are the Facilitators?

Namrata Anantharam

Namrata is a student of Yoga in the T Krishnamacharya tradition and is studying under the tutelage of Sh. Raghu Ananthanarayanan. She is a member of Ritambhara Acharya Sangha and is pursuing Yoga teacher training at Yoga Vahini Foundation's Yoga Acharya program. She aspires to apply the principles of Yoga in the contemporary world in meaningful ways through dialogue, research and therapy.

She is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and is pursuing a Master's degree in Samskrtam (Indic Knowledge Systems) from MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Pune.


Radhakrishnan (Rkay), a Yoga Practitioner and Instructor from Yoga Vahini, lives in Thrissur in God’s own country. He is passionately pursuing inner transformation after a 3-decade stint in global organizations in Corporate Leadership roles. Rkay, a firm believer in being a ‘Student for Life’ is on a long journey in pursuit of learning Yajur Veda, in-depth studies of Yoga Sutra and other Indian scriptures. He is inspired by the deep reflective evocations arising from the Yoga Sutras and Indic scriptures such as Ramayana & Mahabharata and how these can be applied to the study of self and enable sustainable co-existence. He has been teaching Yoga and Vedic chanting and is passionate about sharing his learning experiences through coaching, facilitating / anchoring workshops to enable people to touch their purpose and find their path. He loves singing, listening to Carnatic music, spiritual discourses & Sampradaya Bhajans, social networking and cricket.

Would you like to know more?

We will be holding Live Webinars for parents ahead of the course where we will share more details about the course curriculum, course design, format and about the instructors. If you would like to join us please drop your contact info below and we will connect with you shortly. 

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