Dhārmic Parenting

Augmenting Dhārmic Sensitivity in Parents to nurture Culturally-Oriented and Spiritually-Rooted Young Generation

Why DHĀRMIC Parenting?

The Hindu tradition has always valued the Grhastha Ashrama - the life of the householder the most of all. This is because it is that which sustains all the others (Brahmachari Ashrama, the life of the student, Vanaprastha Ashrama, the life of third-generation elders in a family and Sanyas Ashrama, the life of a renunciate). 

They are the safe-keepers of resources and are progenitors forming the critical link between that which is about to perish and that which is newly growing. 

Where are we Headed?

Sustained colonization seems to have completely uprooted us from our civilizational and cultural roots. As is already observable, unless we make conscious endeavors to revive anchoring in Dharma, the Hindu way of being will become a completely alien phenomenon.

How to practice DHĀRMIC Parenting?

Parents have the responsibility of not just educating their children academically but also equipping them to face life’s challenges and contribute meaningfully to their societies.

Unfortunately, an increasing trend in today’s times is that parents do feel this need to nourish their children holistically, but are not exposed to authentic tools or practices to guide them.

Our intention

  • Create awareness among parents (especially young, urban parents) about the need for Dhārmic parenting;

  • Facilitate a safe space for like-minded parents to deliberate and share some of their challenges and techniques for parenting;

  • Connect parents with subject matter experts in the Hindu tradition who can offer intelligent tools or practices to enable Dhārmic parenting;

  • Enable collaborations and partnerships among various individuals, families and organizations who are closely working in this space.

Want to be a part of this?

Towards these intentions, we seek to host a webinar series starting in October 2022 on Dhārmic Parenting with experts and practitioners. 

We would be extremely privileged and delighted to have you at our Webinar Series. If you feel called by this intention, do register yourself below.

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