Facilitates young learners to hone key Life Skills that enhance their engagement & self-direction in academic and non-academic activities.

Our world is increasingly centered around the mechanical way of living, reducing humans to mere machines. Scientists, doctors, builders, space explorers, and so forth, are in abundance, but the world is still suffering. How is this happening?

We want to make the child first and foremost a specialist, hoping thus to give him a secure economic position. But does the cultivation of a technique enable us to understand ourselves?

Present-day education has overemphasized technique. “To cultivate capacity and efficiency without understanding life, without having a comprehensive perception of the ways of thought and desire, will only make us increasingly ruthless, which is to engender wars and jeopardize our physical security” - J.Krishnamurti

Our technical progress is fantastic, but it has only increased our powers of destroying one another,
and there is starvation and misery in every land. We are not peaceful and happy people. 
What is the cause of this collapse?

The fundamental principles of civilization are being ignored. Moral values are being undermined. Conflicts of ideals, manners and habits are pervading the atmosphere.
Disregard for everything old is the fashion of the day.
How can we address this?

The right kind of education, while encouraging the learning of a technique, should accomplish something which is of far greater importance: it should drive learners to experience the integrated process of life. It is this experience that will put capacity and technique in their right place.

This is where The Vedic Pond wishes to offer a 1-year mentorship program - Sarathi that facilitates young learners to hone key Life Skills that enhances their engagement & self-direction in academic and non-academic activities through an integrated learning experience. 

How do we go about it?

The program focuses on 3 main Paradigms - Worldview, Values & Habits


Enables learners to experience the fullness of Life (Purnam) through being able to exercise an integrated comprehension of the world & meet its ever-increasing complexities


Enabling Learners to awaken their deeper intelligence in deciding between right and wrong through deeper analysis into oneself


Enabling Learners to transform their heart space through the power of their body and mind

We offer 7 different modules over the course of 1-year based on the 3 paradigms

Benefits of Sarathi?

Keen Observation


Life Skills





One year mentorship program helps my child be a better person in life. It teaches values through Bhagavad Gita. Hari-Ji gives a task after every Masterclass for kids to perform. The Self-Discovery call is to discover the purpose of your life and to get to know each other - Sri Varshini’s Amma


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I am deeply inspired by Vedanta & Bhakti. I wish to embody and spread the real essence of INDIC Wisdom door to door and shore to shore so that people can overcome their inner conflicts and live a fulfilling life. 

Sri Hari Vittal

Seeker & INDIC Story Teller

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra - Chinmaya Mission
Student of Social Sciences @ LSE