Seeking to Augment Parenting by Spiritually Rooting Culturally Aligning children 
through INDIC Storytelling

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Culture teaches us how to be mannered, how to love, how to see beauty, and when the time comes, how to die. David Bohm says, “Culture is collectively shared meaning”. We learn to live in harmony with ourselves, others and nature at large through culture. 

How do we communicate Culture?

Culture is communicated through symbols. These symbols are conveyed through stories that encapsulate culture and tradition. The decoding of culture through stories takes one on a profound spiritual journey. 

Why Storytelling?

Stories are the most powerful way to connect and relate with the next generation, and spread cultural wisdom to establish harmony with the self, others and the world. We have been a society which passes on knowledge through the oral traditions, in which the family assimilates and passes on to the next generation. 

But where are we failing?

The present education prefers written tradition over oral and hence denies its very existence. Disintegration of families in modern society has led to a break in cultural continuity as the storytellers at home - grandparents are no longer there to pass on cultural wisdom to the next generation. 

What would this imply?

This can lead to a society of individuals disassociated from their cultural identity at the mercy of foreign culture and values.

This is why The Vedic Pond wishes to bridge the missing link through cultural storytelling anchored in the Itihasa-Purana tradition & History of Bharat. 

Storytelling pedagogy

Shubhratri aims at Augmenting Parenting by Spiritually Rooting & Culturally Aligning children through INDIC Storytelling.

Our Storytelling Pedagogy consists of Four Pillars - Interaction, Performance, Reflection and Activities. We try to incorporate each of these pillars to ensure our objective of cultural continuity.

We don't tell the moral of the story, but we initiate a reflective dialogue among the learners. 

Shubhratri Learners reflect

Watch some of our learners share their reflections.

Our Community

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Learners have been touched 


Strong Learners across different programs


Learners have transformed to storytellers 

Benefits of Shubhratri

Some of the benefits that our Learners experience include

Keen Listening & Reflective capabilities

Increased Self-Awareness

Increased Cultural Awareness

(including important traditions and customs)

Refinement in communication & Self-expression


"I enrolled my daughter for Shubaratri since I wanted to steer her away from TV before bed. But this has far exceeded my expectations! She willingly wants to give up everything else to attend these classes! Her beloved Anna, is a super hit among the kids. They love him. He sows the seeds of spirituality without being preachy and the kids happily soak it up! He makes it so interesting and engaging that kids are happy to imbibe the values taught by him! Am grateful to Sri Hari Vittalji for having started this initiative which has truly turned the night hour into the most productive one!”

Jahnvi's Amma

With the intrusion of Digital media in our daily lives, we are unfortunately not able to stop our children from using these platforms. This has led to an unimaginable increase in distractions in the life of a child. We are not equipped enough at this juncture to face this harsh reality. We have lost the ability to import the importance of cultural values and practices to our kids. This is the Vedic Pond chips in! They drive cultural values through the stories from our Itihasas and Puranas. The sessions are a meaningful conversation and exchange of views based on the story. Hariji lights up the entire house with his animated storytelling and loving way of interacting with children! We proudly identify ourselves as a part of The Vedic Pond Family.

Rishabh's Amma

"My Daughter is going to be 5 this month and is really excited to join Shubhratri. She enjoys each session to the fullest. She sleeps right after shubhratri and this has come as a big relief for all of us else we have to force her to sleep. She used to be very cranky at night but now I am able to see how much at ease she is while going to sleep. I must also admit I too love all the stories and look forward to your sessions!"

Srida's Amma

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