The Vedic Pond is a Cultural-Spiritual Learning Platform for re-awakening the
INFINITE Potential in the Young Generation, grounded in the Vedic world-view

We believe that this re-orientation in learning is essential for the regeneration of Human Consciousness. 

This is enabled through embodying and promoting Dharmic Values in all endeavors.

We are deeply concerned about

Disregarding Spirituality 

in Parenting

Detachment from Culture & Spirituality
amongst Youngsters

Disassociation from Character-
Building in Education

Disruption in Cultural
Transmission in Society

We strongly aspire to...

Augment Parenting through Holistic Education
Align Youngsters to their Cultural & Spiritual roots
Amalgamate Education with Dharmic Values
Advance Society through an anchorage in 
Bhāratīya Culture

"Children are not vessels to be filled, 
but lamps to be lit"

Swami Chinmayananda

And so we seek to...

At The Vedic Pond, we seek to nurture the INFINITE Potential that
is waiting to be explored in young minds. Why ‘The Vedic Pond’, one may ask...

Our Offering 

Transference of Dharmic values through storytelling pedagogies

Our Yajna (Offering) is to embody and further Dhārmic Values through INDIC Stories, Engaging Courses &
Immersive Yātras to nurture a spiritually grounded and culturally oriented Young Generation.

This, we believe is imperative to Reawaken the INFINITE Potential in the Young Generation. How do we go about doing this?


Shubhratri aims at Augmenting parenting by initiating children into Spiritual Grounding &
 Cultural Re-orientation through INDIC Storytelling.

Sarathi - Mentorship Program

Facilitates young learners to hone key Life Skills that enhance their
engagement & self-direction in academic and non-academic activities.


The Vedic Pond is grateful for all the support, guidance and love from the Parents. We draw a lot of energy and confidence from the trust they have on us. 

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